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Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 500mg
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Spark of Life Full Spectrum CBD oil is formulated in MCT Oil and enhanced with Co2 extracted Cinnamon, Black Seed Oil and Turmeric.
Golden Drops THC Tincture with MCT Oil - 1000mg
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1000mg THC Tincture by Chill Concentrates! Made with Organic MCT Oil, and 90+% Premium Extracted THC.
1:1 THC:CBD Low Ratio THC Oil - 500mg
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Mary's 1:1 THC:CBD Low Ratio THC Oil 500mg CBD to 500mg THC Tincture.
Combining the benefits of both THC and CBD Mary's carefully crafted ratios ensure customers can get the right blend for their needs. 1:1 THC/CBD Tincture is suitable for all needs.