About Stepping Stone Holistic Living

We provide high quality Cannabis, Hemp CBD and related products.  We believe in the medicinal properties of plants, cannabis being only one of many.  You will find a range of products for your health, enjoyment, and more.

Stepping Stone Holistic Living produces its own line products, including cannabis tinctures, herbal teas, and CBD products.  We take great pride in only using botanical and natural ingredients in all our products, sourced sustainably and organically as often as possible.

Online Store:

Stepping Stone’s online store offers a wide selection of all our available products.  Browse our selection of topical products, herbal supplements, tinctures, tisanes, cannabis and hemp CBD products, and more. Make your purchase today!
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Community Involvement:

Our team of dedicated staff and members also take part in our community by regularly lending a hand to those in need.  We select a different local non-profit organization to donate to each month, and organize events in our local community.

Sustainability is a core value for us, and we do our best to reflect this in all aspects of our operations.  We source locally and organically as much as possible, use recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging, limit our consumption of non-renewable materials.

Employment Opportunities:

Interested in joining our team?  Our doors are open to passionate and knowledgeable individuals looking to find their place in this growing industry. 

See our current employment opportunities page here.

Customer Satisfaction:

We are dedicated to our customers and welcome your feedback.  Any ideas, comments or concerns?  Please share them with us!  Contact us here.