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Sovrin Extracts THC Shatter

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Sovrin Extracts THC Shatter - Quality you can taste and feel. 1g.

Sovrin Extracts Shatter - Quality you can taste and feel. 1g.

Sovrin is a brand known for quality and they carry that reputation strong with their shatter lineup. Shatter, the brown, caramel glass-like concentrate, is easily one of the highest THC concentrates out there, reaching levels close to 90% purity. The shatter can be ingested through different methods. It is one of the most flexible concentrates accessible following distillates. The shatter has a clear texture and a light golden color.

"We believe that quality matters more than quantity so we don't cut any corners when it comes to our shatter. It is fully de-fatted and de-waxed and is fully purged before it's packaged, leaving you with exactly what you'd expect from our brand - a pure, clean, earthy smoke guaranteed to get you medicated."

Each is made with only 100% Real Bud. #SayNoToShakeShatter

Available in various strains.


THC Shatter
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GME shatter is distilled using medical-grade butane and purged in state-of-the-art vacuum ovens for over 100 hours. The end result is a premium, terpene-heavy shatter that is perfect for dabbing. Various strains to choose from.
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THC Shatter